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  • Ruth Edwards

    The more devices indicating the speed limit on the A34 through Scholar Green the better. The existing flashing speed indicator by Little Moss Lane has no effect whatsoever. Since the speed limit was reduced to 30mph the speed of the traffic appears to have increased. I can only assume that this is due to the lack of 30mph signs. Once Drivers reach Red Bull lights they seem to assume that the speed limit is 50 or 60 mph – it’s a good straight wide road and there are insufficient signs to indicate it’s a 30 zone. MORE SiGNS NEEDED

    • Website Administrator

      Unfortunately, highways legislation prohibits the use of repeat 30 mph signs (where there are no signs indicating the speed limit and there are streetlight lamposts, the default speed limit is 30 mph). 30 mph signs are used at the beginning of a 30 mph zone but can’t be used within it. If they are used, then the speed limit cannot be enforced.

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